North Coast Citystars Properties

قرى الساحل الشمالي المدونة North Coast Citystars Properties
تفاصيل North Coast Citystars Properties

North Coast Citystars Properties

North Coast Citystars Properties

For businessmen and lovers of excellence

Investment in the village of City Stars North Coast

The latest projects that were launched in the northern coast

on the Gulf of Ras Al-Hakamah directly on the sea

North Coast Citystars Properties

 Your unit in City Stars has the North Coast

with a 0% bonus and the rest for 8 years without interest

And the City Stars Resort Sharm El Sheikh and was the first time in Egypt that Crystal Jones was working with the company Crystal Lions This is because ERCO is always looking for excellence and exclusivity When I decided to work a tourist village on the north coast I decided to work for Crystal Lagons with a bigger company than the previous company And come to the company Fluidra International Fluidra

Own your chalet in the highest resorts of the coast City Stars will be heading to a new atmosphere of sophistication and luxury

North Coast Citystars Properties

City Stars

is a full-fledged tourist resort for summer vacations and a luxury hotel for guests with world-class hotels with the best hotel services that distinguish them from the other village And many of the services distinguish City Stars from other villages swimming pool Industrial lakes in different colors 3 International Hotels (Raffles – Swiss Inn – Vermont) Marina International Fairmont Beach Solar energy Aqua Park on the beach City Stars Mall Security and 24/7 security

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جديد المشروعات
الموقع : المساحة : السعر : 702,000
الموقع : المساحة : السعر :
الموقع : المساحة : السعر : 1.800.000
الموقع : المساحة : السعر : 2.700.000
الموقع : المساحة : السعر : 1.550.000