Bo Islands Sidi Abdel Rahman

Bo Islands Sidi Abdel Rahman

Description About Maxim Development

Bo Islands Sidi Abdel Rahman

First of all, Maxim Is one of the most successful companies that has a unique and glasting position in the market.

It was founded on the basis of contributing to upgrade Egyptians quality of life by seizing every

potential opportunity in various sectors of the market.

it also dedicated its business to help Egyptians achieve what they want by translating their wishful

needs to reality through an innovative spectrum of projects and services.

 And as a pursuing of perfection; they launched a lot of projects before that got a howling success like:

  • Maxim mall – New Cairo
  • And Maxim residence – Elshrouk city
  • Maxim country club – New Cairo
  • Maxim plaza white knight resort
  • Royal Maxim Palace Kempinski
  • Canyon compound – Future city

As a complement of the continues prosperous projects of maxim;

Therefore, Bo sidi Abd El Rahman has been launched to continue satisfying people’s needs of

a modern life and increase their return on investment as maxim always seek in its projects.

-Location Of Bo Sidi Abd El Rahman

The project is located in KM 120, 15 KM away from Marina and near to Hacienda bay.

Certainly, Bo Sidi Abd El Rahman is considered as one of the best, largest and distinct business projects overall.

It includes Bo island project which is one of the most important projects of maxim group.

  • A special place for managing the resort and receiving suggestions and complaints
  • Places of maintenance facilities
  • Special parking area for each residential area
  • Offering a great hotel service to serve a large number of residents and trying to get rid of other external services at all

Area Of Bo Islands Sidi Abdel Rahman

The project is held on an area of 1700 acres, the village depth is 1200 meters and the sea width is 800 meters

The village is divided between (Chalets – Villas)

The constructions are based on about 12%, and the rest of the spaces are divided between green areas, landscape, and crystal lagoons.

 Facilities & Amenities Of Bo Islands Sidi Abdel Rahman

  • Crystal Lagoon ,2Hotel 5 Stars ,Strip Mall, Electric Tram
  • Sea Hup ,Swimming Pools, Martin Club ,cafe ,Club House
  • Sports Area, Health Club ,Beach Activities ,Gym,Spa,Sauna
  • Jacuzzi ,Aqua Park,Restaurants,Hyper Market, security 24/7 hour
  • High speed central internet

Features Of Bo Islands North Coast

Bo island resort is such a splendid project spread over 600 acres along the north cost at a depth of 1200 M with a sea width of 800M which make it more special .

This project is inspired by the Bohemian architecture concept.

There are a lot of facilities in Bo Island that make it a place to live at in addition to being a comfy resort for vacations.

All chalets there are located by the sea thus the resident can enjoy the clear breeze of the sea

that refreshes the soul and the fantastic look of the sky with all blue shades.

Even More, Bo Island has the biggest pools all over the resort and all beaches enjoy the Crystal Lagoons

which is considered the first time to be made in a village in Egypt.

Maxim Developer Company

Bo islands contracted with one of the most important companies to design those crystal lagoons that spread over 80% of the project area. Hence, Bo Island’s beaches are rich by a very specialand distinctive engineering and construction designs which offer the residences a beautiful, clear and splendid view of the captivatingly clear sea with its glittering waves and the glasting and smooth sand.

Payment Plan in Bo Island North Coast

In this sector, Maxim group provides a good advantages and offers in payment

and give the client the freedom to choose between paying cash or through installments.

On choosing the installment system; there are 3 option

  • 10% down payment and installments for 5 years
  • 15% down payment and installments for 6 years
  • 20% down payment and installments for 7 years

Brief About North Coast

The north coast is considered one of the very places that people from different countries

like to spend the summer at.

Its map contains different locations of various villages, beaches, services areas as well as

entertaining places that all north coast visitors look for.

While, this map shows that the north coast is divided into two parts; the old and the new north

North Coast – Sidi Abd El Rahman

Chalets in the middle of the sea on the most beautiful island on the northern coast

Bo Island is one of the rare resorts with many features

Above all, Maxim is a leading company in the Egyptian real estate market

So Maxim is the best choice for you to fulfill your dream with the beauty of the landscape and sandy sea

The company has a lot of projects in many places

Finally Bo Islands Sidi Abdel Rahman

Our company seeks what is new in this field, the largest residences you will ever see

If you are looking for tranquility, sophistication, and excellence,

After that, Book your unit now in Boisland Sahel & you will enjoy a perfect residence amazing home

If you want more details, contact us now

For More Information Please Call Us Now


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