Downtown New Alamein

Downtown New Alamein

 Brief About City Edge Development 

Downtown New Alamein

First of all, City edge is Egypt’s National leading real estate developer and development manager that offers its services for more than 20 years.

Its existence in the real estate field since 2017 made it gain a tremendous experience. And it did all its best and paid a lot of attention to be the best on each field it gets into.

Even more, all city edge’s projects are considered to be creative and special because they are done perfectly by the best professionals and specialists in the real estate field.

Downtown New Alamein

City Edge Real Estate Company

It always provide the latest techniques in the real estate out to the light to its clients which make it more distinctive and the best choice for them.

In addition to this, city edge helps the clients to fully finish their apartments easily having the wishful decorations and designs they aimed for.

City Edge group launched a lot of projects before that got a howling success like:

  • Itapa project -fifth settlement.-
  • Zahia New -Mansoura project.-
  • -The New El Alamein Towers project.
  • Baroque project -administrative capital.-
  • -North Edge New El Alamein New

And as a complement of the continues prosperous projects, Downtown New Alamein has been

launched which is the most wonderful thing that was recently implemented by City Edge group that

offer you and your family the complete comfort you seek.

Location Of Downtown New Alamein

Above all, Downtown New Alamein is located on the border of Suez on the Mediterranean coast in the south of

Alexandria-Matrouh near the El-Alamein tombs which is one of the most popular archaeological areas.

Downtown New Alamein is located in a distinctive strategic and geographic location in El Alamein city in the north coast.

And north coast is known by being one of the unique places where many people from different countries like to visit.

Benefits Of The Location

Besides being close to the main roads; Downtown New Alamein is located near to many residential

places, commercial areas and huge industrial places that distinguish the location greatly which give

this project a chance to glow under the sun.

Amenities Of Downtown New Alamein

This project is rich by having a lot of amenities that offer the residents the comfort they need and

afford them a lot of services which make Downtown New Alamein a unique project among other housing projects.

From the important facilities offered are:

  • Beaches are about 15 minutes away from Downtown New Alamein .which are characterized by best and most modern beaches ever are with their glasting smooth sand and the captivatingly clear sea.
  • The international hospital is 2 minutes car drive away from the project.
  • Universities are about 3.5 KM away from the project
  • El Alamein international airport is 54 KM2 away from the project
  • Alexandria road is about 107 KM and Cairo is about 262 KM away from Downtown New Alamein.
  •  400 KM2 from Downtown New Alamein to the international road.
  • Downtown New Alamein is close to the Presidential Palace, the Almasa Hotel as well as Al Alamein Gardens.

All those amenities in addition to a range of services nearby the Down project give the project a prosperous strategic position among other projects

Facilities Downtown New Alamein

A lot of facilities have been implemented into Downtown New Alamein which were a must to simplify the living in it and afford a social and happy life.

The most important of which are:

  • Establishing the first water station in order to intensify the quantity of water in pipes which equals 100,000 liters of water.
  • Also, Establishing the first group of residential and touristic skyscrapers which are located in Al Alamein Towers.
  • Establishing the largest tourist walkway which reaches more than 18 km.
  • Offering agricultural projects in order to obtain different vegetables and fruits crops
  • We Offering to you the largest desalination and drainage station of Oraskolia which is dedicated to the city of El Alamein only.
  • Providing the largest mega project to block waves and help reserve 18 barriers

All those facilities serve many specialists and residents and help them adapt easily without facing any difficulties in the housing project.

And from day on; we provide you the best and most famous residential units that are fully finished distinctively thus you can enjoy the entertainment services and the ancient tourist areas as well.

Features And Services Downtown New Alamein

For the reason that, City edge paid a lot of attention and effort of offering a lot of services and facilities thus the resident

can feel himself at home without suffering from any missing thing.

Thus the upcoming points mention some of the services offered such as:


  • Establishing the largest entertainment area with a large number of diverse activities and a

special safe kids areas that help develop their minds and mental abilities.

  • Most of them are located on the beach along with a clothing room to easily change clothes and

put your personal belongings in it.

  • Free grass space, various landscapes and artificial lakes that give a perfect natural view.
  • Wide free area spread along the project for walking, hiking, running and cycling.
  • Besides building the largest sports club that has a large number of sports equipment that

maintain the physical fitness; there is a gym and spa for both women and men.

  • The largest commercial area through which you can obtain all life necessities and

assist you to get all your personal and home requirements.

  • Establishing the largest wastewater and irregularities station.


  • Affording multiple garages and parking areas located below the buildings and concentrated

under the ground.

  • We Providing a number of facilities that make it easier for residents to manage their daily lives in an

organised and distinct manner.

  • Providing the largest security crew that secure the project on all properties, with surveillance

cameras all over the place.

  • City Edge affording the largest area for generators that operate in case of a power outage.
  • Affording Wifi connection throughout the project in order to browse the internet freely and safely
  • Establishing a lot of elevators available in the commercial and residential areas to ease the

movement of going up and down.

  • A lot of new innovations in the project that inspire you with excellence and creativity.

In addition that the project will soon include some of the Turkish works and Spanish golden touch in fully finishing the units .

And a lot of services only to insure you a happy and memorable spent time with your lovely family and friends.

Area Of Downton New Alamein

After that, City edge intended to build the project on a large area to be one of the largest housing project in New

Alamein city so as to build and offer many important amenities and facilities that serve all residents.

Therefore, the project was perfectly designed as a group of buildings.

While, Each building consists of 8 upper floors and a ground floor. And each floor consists of 4 apartments

that are fully finished and equipped for immediate housing.

Available Area Of Residential Units In Downtown New Alamein

Certainly, The project was perfectly and accurately designed to offer the clients a variety of large and small areas to choose from. There are 3 options to choose from:

  • Residential apartments each of which consists of 2 bedrooms with an area starts from 157 M2 to 166 M2
  • Variety of luxury residential apartments each of which consists of 3 bedrooms with an area starts from 168 M2 to 193 M2.
  • Varied penthouses each of which includes its own roof where it has a variety of designs with an area starts from 322 M2 to 330 M2.


So if you are interested, hurry up picking your special unit there and we surely grantee you a perfect life there.

After that, For more information and inquiries please don’t hesitate to contact us


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Downtown New Alamein
Downtown New Alamein

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