Marassi North Coast

Marassi North Coast

Brief About Emaar Misr

Marassi North Coast

First of all, Emaar misr property is one of the world’s largest and most progressive property developers.

It is known by its prestigious and exquisite communities and the large number of real estates

that is launched in various cities in Egypt that always gained a high success during the past years.

Marassi North Coast

History About Emaar Development

Certainly, Emaar misr has been offering its services in real estate field for about 30 years and its existence in this very field made it gain a tremendous experience.

During those 30 years; it did all its best and paid a lot of attention to choose the best and most unique projects to launch so as to be the most distinctive property ever and the shiny star in real estate filed.

 Emaar misr property launched a lot of projects before that got a howling success like:

  • Mivida Compound -New Cairo
  • Uptown Cairo – New Cairo
  • Cairo Gate, Sheikh Zayed -New Cairo

And as a crowning achievement to Emaar misr; Marassi north coast has been launched

which is one of the best and most luxurious tourist villages that have ever been launched

due to guarantee you and your family the complete comfort you seek.

Marassi North Coast

Marassi is considered as the most popular resort in north coast and one of the best, largest and most

prosperous business projects launched by Emaar misr group.

It is known all over the world as a splendid place full of the peace and joy you ever seek.

And that is all because of the very details that Emaar misr group toke care about and choose the

location accurately in order to posse a special and precious position to Marassi within the hearts of all people and clients.

This distinct project increased the benefits returned to Emaar Misr because of the sales and

investment opportunities it containst.

Location Of Marassi North Coast 

Marassi North Coast is located at KM 125 Alexandria – Marsa Matrouh road in Sidi Abd Elrahman beach.

It is 37 KM away from Marina, 27 KM away from Elalamein museum and Borg El Arab Airport is located a few kilometers from El Alamein city also.

As well as this location spread along the Mediterranean Sea with an area of 6 and a half million and near to a group of well-known various residential neighborhoods

which is a special and easily-reached location that a lot of business men look for.

Because the North Coast is one of the most important investment cities where the major commercial

and real estate projects are appropriate for businessmen and important investors.

Area Of Marassi North Coast 

Marassi resort is spread over 1544 acres in Sidi Abd Elrahman bay which is considered one of the most tourist   destinations that enjoy a unique and distinctive view.

This is area was chosen accurately for establishing a lot of special facilities and amenities having a mix of designs that suits all residents from different places and saturate their desires and needs.

Available Spaces Of The Residential Units

Marassi resort includes a large numbers of distinctive residential units of luxurious villas

and apartments for sales differ from each other according to the number of floors

and rooms included and enjoy a beautiful view in addition to studio, penthouse with two floors,

townhouse, twin house and chalets have distinctive views or gardens and water bodies at special prices.

There are different areas included such as:

  • The chalet area starts from 73 M to 480 M2 designed in a modern way and various decorations.
  • Townhouse area starts from 232 M to 327 M2
  • Twin House area starts from 363 M2
  • Villas are located in a separate place with area starting from 322 M 2 to 785 M2 designed with the latest modern works.

All those are designed in a perfect and most modern ways that are done perfectly by the best professionals and specialists in the real estate field and they are responsible for the decoration, engravings and the wonderful and sophisticated exterior and interior works.

Available Prices Of Units In Marassi North Coast 

Emaar Misr paid a lot of attention on the prices as well, and provided different package of prices that suit everyone. The prices offered are

  1. Chalet price starts from 2,396,888 EGP to 12,576,888 EGP
  2. Townhouse price starts from 7,211,888 EGP to 11,035,888 EGP.
  3. Twin house’s price is 8.898.888 EGP.
  4. The price of a separated villa starts from 11.119.888 EGP and reaches 48.241.888 EGP

Payment Plan

  •  5% down payment & installments up to 6 years

Facilities & Amenities Of Marassi North Coast

One of the great things about living in residential units in Marassi resort is that it contains a wide range of service and facilities and many famous tourist areas in that region .


  1. There is a barbecue area suitable for families quite far from residential places and units.
  2. The resort has an integrated privacy that helps you to live comfortably away from the hassle in addition to comfort , calm and entertainment
  3. Various swimming pools that are available for all ages in addition to a special areas for women only.
  4. Fine weather all year round because of the location on the most beautiful beach in Sidi Abdel Rahman
  5. Offering distinct services, multiple arts, and various historical development activities to promote tourism.
  6. Parking areas in addition to many restaurants and cafes


  1. Providing the largest security crew that secure the project on all properties
  2. large entertainment area with a large number of diverse activities and a special safe kids areas
  3. wide beaches with cafeterias and chalets overlooks the beach directly
  4. A free grass space, various landscapes and artificial lakes that give a perfect natural view
  5. Affording Wifi connection throughout the project in order to browse the internet freely and safely
  6. A special place for pets
  7. sports club as well as a gym and spa for both women and men in addition to football and gold playgrounds
  8. A 5 stars hotel , cinema and Aqua Park gardens
  9. A conference room that is highly equipped with the latest techniques and devices
  10. Family areas in restaurants , cafes , beaches and clubs

Description About North Coast

     The north coast is considered one of the very places that people from different countries like to spend the summer at;

as the life there is active all day and night. Because it has many entertaining areas,

popular sports clubs and Aqua Park.

As well as many commercial services and malls that contain a lot of personal and life requirements.

Not that only but also the north coast has many restaurants that everyone loves to go and yachts

area where everyone can enjoy a tour at the sea and also can do diving under the water

and watching colorful and splendid marine fish.

Location Of North Coast

The north coast has a lot of plateaus and hills that are 400 M above the ground with a fine weather

all year round thus you can enjoy a pleasant vacation with your lovely family and friends.

And as Cairo is 240 KM away from the north coast. And using the voka road;

Cairo is 140 KM away the north coast which is more facilitated to ease traveling

and shorten the distance as well thus you can arrive at your destination within 3 hours at most.

Finally Emaar Developer

So after all what mentioned above, it would be a great choice to book your residential unit in Marassi to enjoy a beautiful splendid taste of life. So hurry up picking your special one now.

For more information and inquiries please don’t hesitate to contact us


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