Sea View North Coast

Sea View North Coast

Brief About North Coast

Sea View North Coast

The north coast

It is one of the most distinctive and fabulous places that many million people like to visit from the worldwide especially from North Africa.

The north coast is divided into two parts; the old one which starts from 21 K to 105 K on Alexandria – Marsa Matruh road. And the new one that starts from 120 K on Marsa Matruh.

The first tourist village ever built were in the old north coast which is divided into Marina and Marakia.

Besides being near Cairo, Alexandria, Burj Al Arab and a lot of services areas; but this old north coast

was lacking a lot of services and the beaches weren’t ready enough to welcome visitors to spend

their vacation unlike the new north coast with its safe and equipped beaches that have the

captivatingly clear sea with its glittering waves and the glasting and smooth sand.

As a result, the new north coast became a massive destination for investments and tourism as well.

Sea View North Coast

Location Of Sea View North Coast

   Sea view resort is located at 187 KM on Alexandria – Marsa Matruh road, 30 Minutes away after Marina,

located between The Shore Village and Coral Hills, near Alamein International Airport and Burj Al Arab.

It is 6 minutes away from Juhayna square in 6 October city, near the voka road which connects Cairo with Elalamein and reduce the distance by 100 KM to be 320KM rather than 420 KM.

Jaidar Company chose this location accurately in order to be near many entertaining places and other villages that the clients can reach easily.

Area Of Sea View North Coast

 The north coast plateau is spread over 137 acres. The village is 1,000 meters deep and the beach is 1000 meters long.

The residential units there is about 20% of the total project area Divided into luxurious residential units, villas and chalets that overlook the sea.

And the rest area consists of swimming pools, entertaining services, land scape and many green spaces to ensure the comfort to residents.

The village is built onto 3 high layers graded from 0 M to 35 M above the sea level to insure the clients a direct fabulous sea view from all directions.

Available Area & Prices Of Sea View North Coast

The residential units in sea view north coast have various prices and areas depending on the number of rooms and floors included in each unit. The areas of the chalets there start from 72 M to 140 M2 with a price that starts from 875000 EGP. The prices and areas offered are:

  • A chalets with an area of 170 M and a garden of 55 M costs a price that starts from 4198000 EGP
  • A villa with an area of 135 M and a garden of 60 M2 costs a price that starts from 6.754.000 EGP
  • A villa with an area of 140 M costs a price that starts from 5.106.000 EGP.

Payment Plan

10% down payment & installments up to 7 years

Amenities Of Sea View North Coast

This resort was perfectly and accurately designed to offer the clients a variety of services that guarantee the residents a comfortable time spent. From the important services and amenities offered are:

  1. A number of 22 swimming pools in different sizes spread equally over the resort in addition to a special pools for women only.
  2. A special area for cafes and restaurants that offer the best and most delicious food and privileges to the clients on the highest quality.
  3. A Large commercial area with stores that include the most popular brands
  4. Medical clinics and pharmacies
  5. A 4 stars hotel
  6. Gym, spa and golf playground
  7. sports club as well as football , tennis , basket , golf and volleyball playgrounds
  8. A free green space, various landscapes , central park and artificial lakes that give a perfect natural view

Facilities Of Sea View North Coast

  1. A nursery
  2. Care services for the elderly
  3. A mosque
  4. Aqua Park and Dolphin Games
  5. Roman theater and distinct places of entertainment
  6. A large security crew
  7. Smart homes
  8. Sandy beaches for kids only with a special safe areas that guarantee them joy and happiness playing with their friends and siblings safely

All this in addition to many other services that the resort afford the residents to feel comfortable and happy.

Design Of Sea View North 

Sea view north coast was designed using the best and latest techniques with a very special and luxurious international designs that successfully cope with the modern life. Jaidar group hired a group of experts and engineers to provide consultative researches on engineering constructions for the village. And as a result of the hard work of Jaidar; the village became such a massive and splendid destination that many visitors like.

Features Of Sea View North Coast

Jaidar Company strived to establish its project in a perfect location overlooking the sea to gain its

customer trust by choosing a good location near many services areas besides offering services inside

the resort itself to help the residents feel comfortable.

And this made the sea view resort more distinct rather than other resorts in the north coast which

carries a new unique meaning of the modern and peaceful life. Hence, the owner company achieved

a huge investment volume in an atmosphere of sophistication and luxury. So the sea view is the best

choice for you to spend a comfortable, splendid, marvelous and memorable vacation with your family and friends.

Finally Of Sea View North Coast

So if you are interested, hurry up picking your special unit .For nay information and inquiries please don’t hesitate to contact us

For more information please call us Now


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